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What size are your hedges?
We currently have four different sizes of hedges in stock. Our standard hedges are 8’H x 4’L x 15”W, our mid-size hedges are 4’H x 4’L x 15”W and our mini hedges are 34”H x 4’L x 15”W. In addition, our Safety Hedge measures 6’H x 5.5’L x 21”W.

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Are your hedges double sided?
Yes, all of our hedges are covered with premium artificial boxwood on each of their four sides.

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Can we hang or add props, signs, flowers, etc. to your hedges?
Yes, many of our clients choose to use our hedges as photo backdrops. You are more than welcome to hang/attach whatever you would like to the hedges. We wouldn’t recommend much more than 15 pounds though.

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Do you deliver? How about set up and pick up?
We do offer delivery, set up and pick up for an additional fee. This fee can be avoided if you would like to pick up your hedges directly from our rental locations.

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What is required to reserve the rental products?
To reserve the hedges, trees, letters, etc. we require a deposit of 50% of the total of your rental invoice. The remaining 50% will be due on the date of delivery.

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How far in advance should I reserve the hedges?
We recommend reserving as far in advance as possible to ensure we have your desired amount of hedges for your desired time. You should be safe reserving two months in advance, but you could be cutting it close.

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What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check or credit card.

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Are the hedges easy to move? How much do they weigh?
Each of our rental hedges have skid plates on the bottom for ease of movement. Our 8’H x 4’L x 15”W hedges weigh about 115 lbs. Working together, two people should be able to easily carry a hedge.

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Will the hedges blow over in the wind?
Our hedges are hollow, with the most weight held in the base. The 8’ tall hedges are susceptible to wind gusts. We can offer legs and weights for each hedge, but they are not a guarantee. Wind gust over 20 miles per hour could easily take down an 8’ hedge despite attached legs and weights. If wind is a big concern, you may want to consider our Safety Hedge.

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Are there any discounts available?
We offer discounts based on the quantity of hedges you would like. It never hurts to ask!

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