Carlsbad forum shops: April in bloom

01 Jun, 2018 @ 5:37 PM

At the Carlsbad Forum Shops in San Diego, from April 21st-29th, 2018, guests and visitors flocked to the exciting April in Bloom event. A week-long extravaganza, the event hosted a fashion show on opening day and a butterfly exhibit all week long. The festivities catered to kids and adults alike. At Evergreen, we were honored to play a small part in this exciting event.

Held in the parking lot of the Forum Shops, in between two stores, the event’s planners knew they wanted to transform the space, make it feel inclusive to its guests. To truly transform the space, they wished to block the surrounding parking lot, vacated cars and empty landscape in the distance. Our 8’ tall artificial boxwood hedges were the perfect solution.

Using a combination of our standard 8’ hedge and a few of our safety/restaurant hedges, we were able to turn the open parking lot into an inclusive event space in no time at all. With the natural wind tunnel formed by the surrounding shops, wind was surely a concern for our 8’ tall hedges. To combat any concern, we brought in our safety hedges to add stability to the completed structure.

The entryway was created using our hedge arch and 4’ x 4’ hedges. The smaller hedges allowed potential guests to see all the fun being had inside the enclosure, from the butterfly enclosure to the DIY craft tables. Visitors each got to walk under the arch on their way to the April in Bloom festivities that awaited them.

On opening day, a runway fashion show was held to kick off the event. Using 8’ hedges on the stage, and our 34” mini hedges along the back, the runway was immediately taken to the next level. The hedges formed a lively backdrop and flowers were hung from each, making the hedges truly pop.

Take your event to the next level and transform your event space with artificial boxwood hedges. These fun additions will undoubtedly set your event apart from the rest. Based in Southern California, Evergreen Event Rental is a division of Geranium Street USA. Weddings, corporate events and boutiques are just a few occasions where Evergreen has been called upon and excelled. Our customers don’t need to hassle with storing, moving or setting up any rented landscape. Evergreen Event Rental services the entire Southern California area, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Temecula, and beyond. Call (760) 891-6492 for more information or a quote today.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Arch
Artificial Boxwood Hedge