“True Love” boxwood hedge letters available now

December 29, 2017

We are incredibly excited to announce we now have “TRUE LOVE” artificial boxwood hedge letters available for rent! The letters stand at approximately four feet high and are made with our premium artificial boxwood. In addition, each letter has a small base attached making it easy to stand the letters on solid ground or add small stakes to stand the letters still in the grass.

These letters will make the perfect addition to any wedding, anniversary and/or Valentine’s Day celebration. They can be rented individually or as a set. Spell out “TRUE,” “LOVE” or “TRUE LOVE” with our letters to really set your event apart from the rest. They can serve as props for photos, a welcoming message to your guests or even line the aisle way if you’d like. There is no wrong way to use these exciting letters.

Of course, with the letters, you can spell much more than “TRUE LOVE.” Spell out “EVE” for the ultimate addition to your friend Eve’s party, “EURO” may be a great message to have at a farewell party, “TREE” can be used at your next environmental conservation benefit, or spell “VETO” to convey your true feelings. With seven different letters to play with, there are so many ways to improve your event.

However, if your still can’t spell what you had hoped for with those letters, we can still help your vision come to life. Through our parent company, Geranium Street USA, we are proud to be able to offer the ability to purchase any custom letters you may need, like or want. We can build them to the same specifications as the existing “TRUE LOVE” letters, or you can choose any size you like. If you’re more in need of numbers or symbols, we can custom make those for you too. We want to help bring your vision to life.

Take your event to the next level with artificial boxwood hedge letters. These unique letters will undoubtedly set your event apart from the rest. Based in Southern California, Evergreen Event Rental is a division of Geranium Street USA. Weddings, corporate events and boutiques are just a few occasions where Evergreen has been called upon and excelled. Our customers don’t need to hassle with storing, moving or setting up any rented landscape. Evergreen Event Rental services the entire Southern California area, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Temecula, and beyond. Call (760) 891-6492 for more information or a quote today.