Hotel ballroom transformed with artificial hedges

18 Apr, 2017 @ 6:21 PM

Event planners used artificial hedges to transform an hotel ballroom at a recent San Diego event. San Diego’s nearly perfect weather allows for events to regularly be held indoor or outdoor. Thankfully, artificial boxwood hedges can be a perfect addition for any indoor or outdoor festivities you may have planned. On a beautiful April evening, a fun event was scheduled at a San Diego hotel. The ballroom was transformed to house tables, catering, a stage and many guests. In addition, the ballroom became a temporary home to 18 artificial boxwood hedges.

You may currently be imagining a ballroom the size of the Plaza Hotel’s lobby. There’s no way 18 hedges could possibly fit in the average ballroom, right? Wrong, the hedges fit seamlessly in the ballroom. There weren’t too many, and they weren’t in the way. Instead, the artificial boxwood hedges lined the exterior of the ballroom creating an effective, slightly soundproofed barrier in front of the plain, white walls, windows and hallways.

Though they serve a myriad of purposes, the artificial hedges mainly served as an extra privacy wall for the event. The hedges created efficient areas for the catering staff to walk around, making it easier to get food to the guests without walking straight through the crowd. Beautiful and green, the hedges also added a level of privacy in front of the large, open windows of the ballroom.

Benefits of Artificial Hedges at an Event:

  • Added privacy and space for caterers and staff
  • Seamless barriers to open windows, lobbies or the kitchen
  • Provide color and dimension to otherwise plain, boring walls
  • Use as a photography backdrop

The benefits are plentiful. Any event, indoor or outdoor can easily be taken to the next level with the addition of artificial boxwood hedges. If hedges aren’t what you’re looking for, Evergreen can also provide privacy with artificial trees, plants and/or flowers. Or, if you’re looking for something a little extra than an ordinary artificial hedge, Evergreen also offers a Media Hedge. Now, you can play movies, slideshows or live-streams right on your event’s exterior barriers.

Located in Southern California, Evergreen Event Rental is a division of Geranium Street USA. Weddings, corporate events and boutiques are just a few occasions where Evergreen has been called upon and excelled. Customers don’t need to hassle with storing, moving or setting up any rented landscape. Evergreen Event Rental services the entire Southern California area, including San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Temecula, and beyond. Call (760) 891-6492 today for more information or a quote today.