Artificial hedge wall serves as selfie station

November 29, 2017

The new artificial hedge wall Selfie Station is available exclusively from Evergreen Event Rental. Freestanding and easily transportable, the Selfie Station is the perfect accessory to any event. Corporate, family and extravagant events alike will all undoubtedly benefit from the Selfie Station.

If your event is truly great, really one for the ages, guests aren’t going to want it to end. Unfortunately, as we know, all good things must come to an end. Thankfully, we have cameras to document the event and relive it for days to come. After all, did you even attend a party if you didn’t post pictures of it on your various social media platforms?

At Evergreen Event Rental, we know and respect the desire to create the perfect atmosphere for your guests at any event. Crafting the perfect atmosphere is no easy feat. However, you don’t have to worry, we’re here to help craft not only the perfect atmosphere, but the perfect photo booth to ensure your guests’ memories are captured, treasured and relieved for years to come.

Artificial Hedge Wall Selfie Station

  • Great for Corporate Events
  • New twist on photography backdrop
  • Hang banners and logos
  • Adds color and texture

The artificial hedge wall Selfie Station opens up and creates an exclusive photo taking area, perfect for snapping selfies, group shots and planned poses. Add props to the Selfie Station’s walls, including lights, letters and signs to name a few. With our newest creation, guests are invited into the open, yet exclusive space to take photos they an share and relive for decades to come. After all, there’s no wrong way to take a selfie.

Our standard 8’H x 4’L hedges have been used numerous times to craft photo booth backdrops. The hedges make excellent interactive backdrops, holding props tied to the interior metal frame. Flowers, letters, photos, etc., easily hang from hedges to add dimensionality and bring your photo backdrop to life.

Take your event to the next level with Evergreen Event Rentals Selfie Station. It will undoubtedly set your event apart from the rest. Based in Southern California, Evergreen Event Rental is a division of Geranium Street USA. Weddings, corporate events and boutiques are just a few occasions where Evergreen has been called upon and excelled. Our customers don’t need to hassle with storing, moving or setting up any rented landscape. Evergreen Event Rental services the entire Southern California area, including San Diego, Temecula, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and beyond. Call (760) 891-6492 for more information or a quote today.