Traditional one dimensional photo backdrop

Traditional vinyl photo backdrops are out, while new exciting photo backdrops constructed with artificial plants and flowers are in at high end events. We have all seen a million celebrity photos taken in front of vinyl backdrops with some kind of logo on them. The logo is there, but do people really see it? There is now a better way.

Photography backdrops made with artificial boxwood hedge are now the rage at upscale events, trade shows, and weddings. Corporate interests can tailor their logos onto the artificial hedge panels in a way that truly makes an impression. These are three dimensional, rather than one dimensional photography backdrops, and they really pop.

Sponsors may attach their banners, logos, and even products onto the artificial hedge panels. Just add some beautiful artificial flowers for color coordination. Company colors are added to the green backdrops in a variety of creative ways. These exciting photo backdrops make a statement a world beyond their traditional vinyl counterparts.

Example of three dimensional photo backdrop

Artificial Plant Photo Backdrops

  • Affix company banners and logos
  • Create color coordination with artificial flowers
  • Attach actual products to hedge wall
  • Offer 3 dimensional backdrops
  • Stand out from competition

Evergreen Event Rental, in conjunction with its parent company, Geranium Street USA, offers some the most exciting event rentals you can find. They have provided hundreds of artificial hedge panels to high end events all over California and the Southwest. Their headquarters is in Escondido, California and they have now expanded into Texas and have a satellite location in Austin.

Photo backdrop at wedding

Evergreen Event Rental also has an exciting variety of artificial trees, artificial flowers, and faux vases for rent. Call them today to reserve artificial plant photo backdrops and accessories. They offer pickup and delivery, or you can pickup at their Escondido and Austin locations. Call them today at (866) 737-5274 to discuss your rentals.

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