Standard 8′ by 4′ Artificial Hedge Panels

The spring wedding/trade show season is kicking off now and the hot new special event rentals include artificial boxwood hedge panels. Standard 8’by 4’ artificial hedge panels are used for a variety of reasons at special events. These attractive artificial freestanding hedges quickly transform any event space and are easy to set up and break down.

Several large corporations rented the artificial hedges for trade shows, parties and other important events last year. Event planners seek new ways to create memorable events and the bar gets higher each year. Professional sports teams also rent the artificial hedges for various special events they host.  

Some lavish events include up to 100 8’by 4’ foot artificial hedge panels at their events. The hedge panels are often lined up to create a grand entrance to an event. Companies hang their banners and promotional materials on the fake hedges, as well as decorative lighting. Events goers are usually impressed by the faux wonderland created by event planners.

Special Event Rentals in San Diego

Exciting Special Event Rentals

  • Standard 8’ by 4’ artificial boxwood hedge panels
  • Custom letters designed with artificial hedge
  • Hedge panels equipped with video monitors
  • Custom wedding arches
  • Portable barriers
  • Custom centerpieces

Event rental companies either deliver and pick up the artificial hedge panels or companies can use their own trucks and employees to do it themselves. The artificial boxwood hedge panels weigh just over 100 lbs and are easily portable with a dolly. The best artificial hedges have lift handles installed on them and skid plates for easy portability.

Artificial Hedge Panels with Video Monitors

Evergreen Event Rental is San Diego’s top company for special event rentals including artificial boxwood hedge panels. In fact, they have the largest inventory of 8’by 4’ artificial hedges in the entire Southwest. They not only service the San Diego area, but have provided artificial hedges for events in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Lake Tahoe. Call them today to reserve artificial hedges for your next big event.

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