Artificial hedge rentals on roof of Linq Hotel

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week and there were numerous events that required special event rentals, including artificial hedges. One such party took place on the roof of the fabulous new Linq Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. The industry party took place in a large tent up on the roof, and it was surrounded by 4’by 8’ artificial hedges that were supplied by Evergreen Event Rental of San Marcos, California.

Often, event coordinators order everything needed for events months in advance, but situations change, and some items are added last minute. That was the case with the Linq Hotel event – the artificial hedge rentals were added two days before the event. Evergreen Event Rental had 50 hedges ready to go for the event and delivered them to Las Vegas and set them up.

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest trade shows in the country. Vendors from all over the world descend on Vegas once annually to showcase their new products and services. Artificial hedges serve many purposes in the event business, including promotional displays, crowd control barriers, and for decorative purposes.

Artificial hedge rentals at Consumer Electronics Show

Artificial Hedge Special Event Rentals

  • 8’ by 4’ standard size
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Used for display purposes
  • Good as barriers
  • Theme events

The special event rentals for the Linq Hotel party went up and came down quickly by Evergreen Event Rental pros within 24 hours. The experienced event professionals at Evergreen Event Rental set up artificial hedge rentals every week and have adapted to all kinds of conditions. They provide event rentals at weddings, trade shows, and after parties all over the Southwest.

Evergreen Event Rental services Las Vegas Event

Call sales manager, Martin Portilla today at (760) 216-0671 for reservations and availability of special event rentals. Even if it is a last minute thing, call Evergreen Event Rental and they can probably help you.

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