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Dividing your space and creating privacy has never been easier. With Evergreen’s vast array of privacy and space dividers you can transform your space in no time at all.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges can be used to build a privacy wall, divide space within an event’s confined area, guide guests into an event, etc. Our hedges are UV rated and weather resistant, which means indoor or outdoor, rain or shine, you’ll get that bright green look. Best of all, they appear real to both sight and touch. It’s also incredibly easy to make these privacy and space dividers multipurpose and serve as 3D, interactive backdrops for your event as well.

Our Artificial Trees can be used to create seamless, noninvasive privacy barriers. Spread the trees out around your space or line them in a row or create pathways. Divide your space with a few sporadic trees or create privacy with strategically placed, aligned trees. Our Artificial Trees are maintenance free, so you’ll never have to worry about picking up fallen leaves or spilt water from repeated attempts to carry water to the trees.

With our variety of Artificial Plants you can add color and life to your space while simultaneously dividing your space and creating privacy. Similar to our trees, our lemongrass and floral options can be sporadically placed to divide space or aligned together to create privacy.

Each of our space and privacy dividers will undoubtedly add to your event’s atmosphere. Whether indoor or outdoor, Evergreen’s products will transform your event and take it to the next level. Call (760) 891-6492 today to discuss all our available space and privacy division options.

Why Artificial Boxwood Hedges?

Artificial Boxwood Hedges are constructed specifically with division, space definition and privacy in mind. We construct our Boxwood hedges to be 8 ft tall and 4ft long to ensure a great coverage spread for our customers.

They are large, does this make them heavy?

Even though our Artificial Boxwood hedges may seem imposing, they weigh less than you think. Each boxwood hedge is constructed in mind to make them sturdy, but also manageable. From the Wire mesh welded in USA to the all USA plastic base, each boxwood hedge only weighs 125lbs.

How do you move them around?

Our hedges come with a unique feature: plastic slabs on the bottom of the base that allows you to slide with ease along flat surfaces. These plastic slabs are soft enough to not scuff up surfaces, yet strong enough to support the boxwood hedges.

Are Boxwood Hedges all you off for rental?

We do offer a variety of space defining products from artificial trees to large planters with a spread of artificial flowers. We have the ability to meet your needs and love working together with companies to come up with new products.

I am not in Texas or California, Can i buy your product instead of renting?

Yes, we do sell our products as well through our sister company, Geranium Street USA. Follow this LINK for more info on all the products we offer, or feel free to call 1(760)216-0671 or email at