Evergreen Event Rental offers a variety of handsome space divider rentals that utilize artificial plants. We have artificial hedge panels, artificial tree barriers, and artificial flower pots that are used to define space and create privacy. This is an economical way to define space for special events, and we offer the option of renting, rather than buying these beautiful artificial plant combinations. These space divider rentals are used to completely block off a space, cover an unsightly view, create atmosphere, or just offer guests a modicum of private space in a crowded room.

Define space and create privacy

Artificial Ficus Tree Barrier

This artificial tree barrier consists of five 6’ foot tall ficus trees in a faux planter. This artificial tree barrier will define a space and create a level of privacy without completely blocking off an area with a wall, for instance. The artificial ficus trees are UV rated for indoor and outdoor use and they look extremely realistic. Often, people have to touch them to make sure they are not real, and even then they are often unsure.

Artificial ficus trees space divider

Flower Pots

Our artificial flower pots are perfect for creating atmosphere and defining space. They are big enough to separate one area from another without completely blocking it off. These are perfect for trade shows, weddings, corporate events, or special events at hotels and restaurants. Our flower pot arrangements are created with a variety of realistic and beautiful artificial flowers, including artificial azaleas.

Artificial flower pot space divider

Artificial White Ficus Trees

Our artificial white ficus trees lend themselves for special holiday events and photographic props. They are often used to dress up an otherwise bland area. These stunning white trees look fantastic at night and lend themselves to all kinds of photographic opportunities. More surreal than real, artificial white ficus trees will surely spice up any event space.

White ficus tree space divider rental

Artificial Boxwood Balls

Artificial boxwood balls make great centerpieces or can be used to make interesting space dividers. Throughout history, circular topiaries were created from real boxwood and artisans made careers of it. Now, artificial topiaries can create the same effect. Perfect for trade shows, or special events, artificial topiary balls are unique space divider rentals that will surely be the topic of conversation among guests at any event.

Artificial topiary ball space divider

Artificial Hedges in Faux Planters

Artificial hedges in faux planters are available in various sizes. The standard size artificial hedge panel is 8’ tall, by 4’ wide and stands in a re purposed wood planter. These tall artificial boxwood hedges are used to completely block off one area from another for complete privacy. The shorter artificial hedges in faux planters are four feet tall and are used to define space. UV rated artificial hedges can be used both indoor and outdoor, and add a touch of realistic greenery to any space.

Artificial short hedge space divider in faux planters

Artificial Long Grass Divider in Faux Planter

The artificial long grass diver in faux planter divides a space and provides a certain level of privacy without completely blocking it off. The artificial long grass looks so realistic that most people would never know it is faux. This attractive artificial plant and planter livens up any space and can be used indoor and outdoor.

Artificial long grass in faux planter



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