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Galvanized steel kegerator
Aluminum kegerator

A full sized kegerator dispenses fresh tap beer for all kinds of events including weddings and corporate engagements. Craft beer is the hot new thing in San Diego County with several new breweries popping up throughout the area. Pump up beer taps and plastic barrels are out and state of the art kegerators are in.

Beer drinkers everywhere love tap rooms where beer is ice cold and pours have just the right amount of foamy head. People want to create that kind of beer pour at their homes and events. Kegerators are available for rent, but their are often expensive, cumbersome and hard to operate. There has to be a better solution.

Evergreen Event Rental of San Marcos has developed their own kegerator and added it to their inventory of unique event rentals. This handsome kegerator is made of handsome aluminum and is big enough to handle a full 16 gallon keg, but can of course also handle the smaller kegs of craft beer that are popular these days. The kegerator has a built in Co2 tanks and cooling tube that keeps the beer ice cold and pouring perfectly glass after glass.303303_package

Kegerator at Events

  • Grand Openings
  • Trade shows
  • Cocktail hours
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Events

Evergreen Event Rental is not your average event rental company, and they fill a trending niche in the market. They specialize in unique event rentals that most of the other event rental companies don’t have. They have artificial boxwood hedges, media hedges, farm tables, artificial trees, and unique centerpieces. The tap beer dispenser is their latest addition to an already unique inventory.

artificial trees
Artificial rental trees

Call Evergreen Event rental today at (760) 891-6492 to book a kegerator for your holiday event. The busy holiday season is fast approaching and your guests will certainly be impressed drinking ice cold tap beer from a professional kegerator. Let the pros at Evergreen Event Rental deliver and setup your kegerator or they can show you how do it easily yourself.

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