303303_packageIt is the holiday season and holiday parties all over San Diego, from corporate events and private home parties will require event rentals, including artificial hedges. Artificial hedge rentals are perfect for many holiday parties, because they are easy to hang lights, banners, and other decorations on. Portable artificial hedges solve many problems at large events as they help with crowd control, block off unsightly views, or divide certain areas.

Standard 8’ by 4’ artificial boxwood hedges are easy to move and setup, and also easy to quickly break down. Sometimes the moveable hedges serve as barriers between dining areas and the caterers, and other times serve as barriers to alcohol service areas. The artificial hedges not only serve as barriers, but they add decorative flair to any space.

Artificial media hedges feature large screen televisions for broadcasting promotional videos or entertainment options. These are perfect for holiday trade shows, pageants, or company party presentations. Party planners make holiday wonderlands out of creatively placed artificial hedges and media hedges.hedge maze from Evergreen

Unique Holiday Parties in San Diego

  • Artificial hedge rentals transform lackluster spaces
  • Create a theme
  • Hang lights and banners
  • Divide areas of one space
  • Make memorable events

Another popular trend in holiday parties is the artificial hedge maze. An artificial hedge maze makes the difference between a ho hum holiday party and a spectacular one. The artificial hedge maze may be used for scavenger hunts, grand entrances, and as a showcase for promotional items. Guests leave in awe of the artificial hedge mazes.

Although many holiday parties in San Diego were planned and booked months ago, last minute challenges often come up. Evergreen Event Rental is the boutique go to company for such issues. They have the largest inventory or artificial hedges in Southern California and they deliver and pick up throughout the area. Call sales manager, Martin Portilla today at (760) 216-0671 for more information.

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